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Urban Taper Haircut. Taper haircut is simply one of the short sides long top haircuts. The buzz cut on top is then brushed, greased, and covered with a wave cap (durag) to create deep waves.

Hip/Urban Best Hairstyles For Black Men
Hip/Urban Best Hairstyles For Black Men from theinscribermag.com

By denis baldwin february 3, 2004. It is small on one end and gradually increases in size until it reaches the proper gauge. A taper fade is essentially a combination of a taper haircut and a fade haircut.

Hip/Urban Best Hairstyles For Black Men

In this hairstyle, your natural twisted hair on the crown will be given emphasis. In addition to the two lines in the fade near the temple, this style features a longer section with bleached tips pulled back into a neat updo. But you will need sufficient length on the top to make style true in its essence. A taper fade is a type of fade haircut that tapers down the sides and back, going from long to short hair to create a blended style.